ATS Graphic Suite Test with Aladdin Hardlock Dongle

ATS Graphic Suite

I think that the ATS program is a program that was created in the Windows 98 era. Its purpose is to cut on plotter devices. It supports the brands mentioned in it. The most well-known of these brands is Roland.

What is a Cutter Plotter?

Cutter Plotter is a general name given to the machines that you can use in your cutting works such as sign writings, letters, stickers, labels, wreaths, tombstone writings, point letters, and on-vehicle text cutting, and reflective. Plotter cutting machines with optical eyes are preferred for your shower cabin sandblasting foil cutting works. is being done.

In this Program, when our customer’s LPT dongle was not responding from time to time, and the manufacturer company was no longer providing support, the virtualization process was successfully completed by taking the data inside at a time when the dongle plugged into the parallel port was running.

After this process, the program emulator, which only works in Windows 98 and XP, is compatible with all operating systems, including Windows 11.