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Agfa NX Workstation Test With Wibu Box Dongle Clone

Implements the mandatory DICOM services to facilitate receiving of unprocessed pictures from Associate in Nursing AGFA CR/DR Modality, playacting image process and causation the processed images to an overseas storage or print device over a Medical Imaging Systems network.

conjointly acquire patient data from a Radiology system (RIS)
to be used in distinguishing processed images. The table below provides an outline of the network services supported.

Agfa NX Workstation

Integration and Validation Activities
the combination of any device into a system of interconnected devices goes on the far side of the scope of the DICOM 3.0 customary and this agreement statement when the ability is desired. The responsibility for analyzing the needs of the application and developing an answer that integrates the Agfa instrumentation with alternative vendors’ systems is the user’s
responsibility and may not be underestimated.

In some circumstances, it would be necessary to perform a validation to create certain that useful interoperability between the Agfa equipment and non-Agfa devices works as expected. The user should make sure that any non-Agfa supplier accepts responsibility for any validation needed for his or her reference to the Agfa equipment.

Future Evolution

because the DICOM 3.0 customary evolves to meet the user’s growing needs and to include new options and technologies, Agfa can follow the evolution of the quality. This evolution of the standard might need changes to devices that have enforced DICOM 3.0. The user ought to make sure that any non-Agfa provider, who connects with Agfa
devices, conjointly plans for the future evolution of the DICOM standard. A refusal to try and do so may end in the loss of practicality and/or property between the various products.

The NX Workstation receives and processes raw images from CR 10 and CR 30 Digitizers. This package includes NX 8700 SU1 software on Windows XP. It has already been prepared for integration in a PACS solution via Dicom. The connection of a laser imager via Dicom Print for film printouts is possible and has already been prepared for. Good Condition! NX workstation comes with MUSICA software.