ACOM PRO PC 6.0 Tested with Hardlock Dongle Emulator Clone.

ACOM PRO PC 6.0 and higher General Information/Overview :
ACOM.PC is a piece of the ACOM item group of Siemens Medical Solutions for organizing,

chronicling, and investigating cardiological pictures specifically and DI-COM picture material by and large.
ACOM.PC is a PC-based show station for evaluating cardiological pictures put away
on CD, MOD, nearby or arrange catalogs alternately hard plate drives, or the
ACOM.PC gives a picture show quality
that is better than that of a S-VHS recorder yet is not as much as that of the securing framework.
With ACOM.PC you can show cardiological picture material (512/1024 network, 8/12 bits, compacted)

yet it likewise bolsters the show of angiographic single outlines (uncompressed, 8/10/12 bits, 102 4 framework) and scenes

(compacted, 8,10, 12 bits, 1024 framework). DSA scenes are shown in local or subtracted mode,
the bit profundity is constrained to 8 bits in plain view.
ACOM.PC normally shows pictures in their unique size the length of the picture estimate
does not surpass the 512 lattice. Something else the pictures are lessened in size. Im-
ages that arrive in a 1024 lattice are zoomed yet shown in full spatial resolu-tion.

ECG bends are shown with parchment bars in the event that they surpass the 512 lattice in one bearing.
ACOM.PC can likewise show pictures gave by ultrasound and atomic drug.