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690 Coin Teach Tool Test with TDI Matrix Dongle


690 Coin Teach Tool

Except as permitted under the relevant local legislation, no part of this publication may be copied, transmitted, transcribed, or distributed in any form or by any means, or stored in a database or retrieval system, or translated in any language (natural or computer),without the prior written permission of MEI.

MEI reserves the right to change the product or the product specifications at any time. While every effort has been made to ensure that the information in this publication is accurate, MEI disclaims any liability for any direct or indirect losses (howsoever caused)arising out of use or reliance on this information.

The 690 Coin Teach Tool programming software contains proprietary information, copyrightc2002, and database rights of MEI. Decompilation prohibited save as permitted by law. No using, disclosing, reproducing, accessing or modifying without MEI prior written consent.

The licence enables use of the tool under the following conditions:

  • The User is responsible for the quality of the channelset developed and consequently all support for the product once it is sold.
  • MEI will not offer any support for any channelset created through this tool and will redirect any request for support back to the originator of the channelset.
  • The licensed holder must make the customer aware in writing that the product has been created by hand teaching and is therefore not necessarily of factory
    generated quality.
  • The product must also be labelled to this effect. MEI retain the right to interrogate the tool at any point in time to analyses itsuse.
  • Any failure to comply with these conditions may result in immediate termination of the  licensed with no refund.

System Requirements:

To run this software the PC must have the Microsoft .NET framework installed. If the framework is not installed an installer is provided on the CD. To run the application you must insert the security dongle supplied by MEI into a spare USB port on your PC. This dongle should remain in the port while the application is running.

The first time you run the application you will be presented with License Key Entry Form. You should enter the 48-character license key provided to you by MEI. The license key provided may include an expiry date. You should contact MEI in advance of your license expiry to receive a new license key.