SafeNet Sentinel Dongle Models

Sentinel Superpro Dongle Emulator

Safenet Sentinel SuperPro / UltraPro Details


Sentinel SuperPro / UltraPro Emulator / Clone / Crack Emulator / Clone  Instructions

  1. We Need Software install package. Please upload or Dropbox.  Send me Link This Mail
  2. We Need Dump.  Download.  Rar password is :

How Make Dump

  1. Unpack Dowloaded File and Run with Administrator
  2. Make sure your dongle is plugged in.
  4. This process can take from 10 to 20 minutes Please be patient.
  5. When Finished unpack folder will create spro_RNBO_SPN_DRIVER_xxxx_0.dmp send me this My mail


spro - Sentinel SuperPro / UltraPro Emulator / Clone / Crack

Ps: During the reading, please do not operate on the computer and remove the dongle.