QPS QINSy 8.1 Test with Sentinel HASP Dongle Emulator / Clone

QPS QINSy The suite of uses can be utilized for different sorts of reviews. Running from basic single pillar studies up to complex seaward development works.


With the QPS QINSY 8 Multibeam Survey software, marine researchers can monitor their progress and make critical decisions in real time to assist their operations. Whether pipe placement, rock dumping, excavator control or hydrographic operations – version 8 offers the necessary information.

QPS QINSY Version 8 combines advanced navigation processing with data acquisition and real-time processing for the multi-beam sonar system and various auxiliary sensors. Numerous predefined windows are available for displaying collected and corrected multi-beam data, raw and corrected profiles, sonar-layered navigation views, and helmsman views. Many other data views can be selected.

QPS QINSY Version 8 program timing marks all data received from the sensor to the nearest millisecond, performs geodetic transformations, and performs extensive real-time data processing. The software allows real-time data editing and destruction and allows products to be created with source data as soon as survey data collection is complete.

QPS QINSy 8.1 Sentinel Basic functions

Complete planning of online navigation and view of steering and operator.

Unlimited number of open windows.

Tagging and data time saving are maintained with the highest priority.

Real-time setting of all additional sensors.

All depths are mixed and displayed in color.

Repeat mode allows all raw data to be recalculated.

Displays all corrected data in ASCII X, Y and Z format.

Use with a unique multi-beam group system.