Aladdin Hasp Dongle Emulator – Backup Aladdin know how systems was based in 1985 by means of Jacob (Yanki) Margalit, while he turned into 23 years old.

He become soon joined by means of brother Dany Margalit, who took the responsibility for product development on the age of 18, while on the identical time completing a mathematics and pc science diploma in Tel Aviv college.

In its early years the agency advanced two product strains, an artificial intelligence package (which become dropped early on) and a hardware product to save you unauthorized software copying, just like digital rights management.

Aladdin Hasp Dongle Emulator Dongle Detalis & Features

Backup Instructions

  • We Need Your Software install  package. This is very important because it is necessary for the Communication Algorithm.
  • You can uplod DropboxMega, Wetransfer
  • After send me link with mail.
  • After the analyze Target software, we send you a Dongle Reader Tool.


♦ What to Know ♦

  • This site does not sell any cracked programs.
  • The purpose of this site was established to take backups of your dongles according to urgent needs.
  • Creating a patch for a software program or electronics product.
  • Performing cryptanalysis on security systems that control access to digital data.

Compatiple OS Systems

Windows 98 - Windows XP - Windows 7 - Windows Vista - Windows 8 - Windows Server - Windows 10 x86 and x64 bit

Aladdin Hasp Dongle Emulator Softwares

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