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ExoCad Matera 2.3 Test with Rockey4ND Dongle


Next-generation smile style in 2nd and 3D
exocad proclaimed these days that the DentalCAD a pair of.3 Matera unharness with several new and optimized options,

together with the new Smile Creator add-on module, is currently offered.

With this new unharness, the corporate introduces next-generation esthetic

coming up with for users of its leading dental CAD package, giving real in-CAD smile style.

Smile Creator permits easy-to-use, time-saving and inevitable virtual coming up with of extremely esthetic

restorations by combining patient photos, outlines, and 3D things. easy 2nd tools will be wont to edit tooth shapes,

whereas the 3D result’s pictured in real time from totally different angles. The advantage is clear: extremely inevitable esthetic and practical results.

“Smile Creator permits users to arrange and realistically visualize the ultimate result even before they begin treatment.

This product sets the new benchmark for future communication between dental technicians, dentists and patients –

significantly once it involves coming up with esthetic anterior restorations,”

aforementioned Tillmann Steinbrecher, chief executive officer of exocad.

“Even before beginning treatment, patients will get a sure-shot impression of their new smile. due to our innovative

2D/3D technology, the prosthetic practicability will be assessed faithfully as early as

throughout the esthetic coming up with part. this suggests that any diversifications desired by the patient will be enforced simply and quickly.”

Smile Creator is absolutely integrated into the DentalCAD package platform.

“Users enjoy the intuitive in operation conception of our tried-and-tested open

exocad package platform, giving high performance and results they’ll absolutely depend on,

” more Maik Gerth, CTO of exocad. Smile Creator is currently offered as AN add-on module for

DentalCAD a pair of.3 Matera or as a complete version.