A&D iTest Pro Sentinel HL Dongle Clone

A&D iTest Pro Test With Sentinel HL Dongle Clone


The iTest take a look at system automation platform addresses the complete vary of testing applications:


A complete development setting for testbeds with the foremost difficult wants, similar to certification and R&D tests running transient schedules, and tests involving simulation.


Ideal for sturdiness, end-of-line and lower level R&D testing, usually involving steady-state or ramped modal take a look at cycles.


Specifically targeted for take a look at systems running straightforward, repetitive sequences (e.g. on/off) typically found in part or end-of-production-line quality testing.

With quite 1000 installations world-wide, iTest encompasses a tried record of hardiness and responsibility. The full-featured, open design system is quickly expandable. And, since iTest.Pro, iTest.Lite and iTest.Micro area unit all supported a similar platform, it’s a straightforward transition to travel from one to the opposite, with tokenish learning curve. Third-party device makers have with success used iTest to develop controllers, and Automotive OEMs have enforced the system because the basis for his or her take a look at automation

Testing applications vary greatly, from straightforward part take a look ating to complicated systems similar to e-motor hybrid test stands that embody simulation and standardization.  The take a look at automation necessities for these systems additionally vary. In most cases these systems got to integrate and acquire information from a spread differing kinds of measure devices from totally different vendors, all whereas following an outlined take a look at schedule.